LL8800 AND LL6800 Load Lock Anchoring Systems

LL8800 AND LL6800 Load Lock Anchoring Systems


  • 42″ of Aircraft Cable with a Ratchet Head
  • Sand cast from high grade Aluminum Alloy
  • Has a holding power of 10,000 times its weight
  • Available with a ratchet head, straight cable, or an eye on the end

The Load locks Complete provides safe installation in virgin soil,and can be driven into soil classes 5 & 6. *This B & R Stamping Earth Anchor is not intended for penetrating soild rock, hard clay, or compact gravel.

Specifications: ASTM B26-72 Sand casting Alloy ZC81-A Federal Spec. QQ-A-61d (1) Tenzaloy. Anchoring in soil classes 5 & 6 (200 1n/lbs. to 350 in/lbs. rated by torque probe test)

Indicates the following: #68- 7/8″ O.D. X 4 3/4″ (2 1/2 oz) Class 5 soil (Ultimate) 3,000 lbs. 30″ depth Class 6 soil (Ultimate) 2,000 lbs. 30″ depth

#88- 15/16″ O.D. X 5 5/8″ (7 1/2 oz)29_100_1542.JPG Class 5 soil (Ultimate) 5,800 lbs. 36″ depth Soil conditions of test – Moisture content 7% to 15%. Soil consisted of layers with loose to coarse gravel.

Note: All tests conducted were ultimate to soil or anchoring failures.

LL880 Load locks Anchors Complete