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B & R Stamping is a family business that was first established in 1988 by Bruce and Ralph Robertson. One of Bruce's first jobs was working for Chasco Mobile making anchors. When B & R Stamping started, we had a contract with Chasco to make anchors. Then in 2000 B & R Stamping purchased Chasco Mobile, and has continued to make and improve our Earth Anchors since.

Our Earth Anchors have a ratchet head, making it the best system for holding down your structure! The Load locks Earth Anchor System is our most popular. They are effective, lightweight, and time saving. The standard overall length of our anchors is 48" of 1/4" diameter galvanized steel cable.

We make Leveling Jacks constructed out of angle iron from sizes; 8"-48" A variety of Leveling Plates, and 2 Threaded Rod sizes are available with varying lengths.

B & R Stamping is a leading Earth Anchor Manufacturer in Canada. We also do custom welding and metal fabrication. We build custom Stairs & Platforms out of steel with your choice of either grating or wood applied.

At B & R Stamping we make state-of-the-art Earth Anchor Systems in Canada. We specialize in Metal Stamping and Metal Fabrication, as well as Custom Welding is also available in Oakville, Ontario, and surrounding areas.
Here at B & R Stamping, we make a variety of Anchors, Leveling Jacks, and Mobile Trailer Stairs and Platforms. Boat Storage Stands are also available. Read More

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