The Load locks Complete is sand cast from high grade aluminum alloy. Its unique design has more holding power than conventional anchors at 10,000 times its weight. It requires only a drive rod, hammer, drill or driver, and can be easily installed. The load capacity of the anchor depends on anchor depth, placement, and soil conditions.

Our Arrowhead Anchors are manufactured from heavy gauge steel with 5,500 lbs holding power. Standard anchors are 1/4" diameter galvanized steel cable and 48" in overall length.

At B & R Stamping, we've been manufacturing anchors for over 20 years! Our Load locks Complete and Arrowhead Anchors have been thoroughly tested to all known standards and building codes.

Common Applications:
Mobile homes, Tents, Portables, Scaffolding, Utility buildings, Grain bins, Fences, Trees, Playground equipment, Boats, Embankment tie-downs, Retaining walls, etc.

At B & R Stamping we make state-of-the-art Earth Anchor Systems in Canada. We specialize in Metal Stamping and Metal Fabrication, as well as Custom Welding is also available in Oakville, Ontario, and surrounding areas.
Here at B & R Stamping, we make a variety of Anchors, Leveling Jacks, and Mobile Trailer Stairs and Platforms. Boat Storage Stands are also available. Read More

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