Leveling Jacks


Varying load capacities
Adjustable height leveling plates
No need for shims!
Easy to install!
Much more economical than concrete blocks

Leveling Jacks come in sizes; 8" - 48" high
Our standard leveling plate is; 3" X 3" with a 1" lip
Our most popular leveling plate is; 6" X 6" with a 3" lip and 2 holes

Note: We provide some models with holes in the leveling plate so you can bolt them to your frame, to prevent sideways shifting.

Also available U-shaped leveling plates (used to fit around a channel) 8" long, with a 4" lip and 4 holes, with a side 2" high.

Customized leveling jacks and leveling plates are available upon request!

Threaded Rod is available in any sizes; 3/4" and up, min. 8" long - max. 16" long. Standard Threaded Rod is 10"

Concrete blocks tend to break and chip, but our Leveling Jacks will provide the proper support to keep your load stable.

These are fixed stands for office trailers Constructed from 3/16″ Angle with a 3/8″ X 6″ top plate the base is 24″ and they are 36″ high, They are painted safety red as per the customers request.

At B & R Stamping we make state-of-the-art Earth Anchor Systems in Canada. We specialize in Metal Stamping and Metal Fabrication, as well as Custom Welding is also available in Oakville, Ontario, and surrounding areas.
Here at B & R Stamping, we make a variety of Anchors, Leveling Jacks, and Mobile Trailer Stairs and Platforms. Boat Storage Stands are also available. Read More

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