Leveling Jacks

Leveling Jacks


Varying load capacities


Adjustable height leveling plates

No need for shims!

Easy to install!

Much more economical than concrete blocks

Leveling Jacks come in sizes; 8″ – 48″ high
Our standard leveling plate is; 3″ X 3″ with a 1″ lip
Our most popular leveling plate is; 6″ X 6″ with a 3″ lip and 2 holes

Note: We provide some models with holes in the leveling plate so you can bolt them to your frame, to prevent sideways shifting.

Also available U-shaped leveling plates (used to fit around a channel) 8″ long, with a 4″ lip and 4 holes, with a side 2″ high.

Customized leveling jacks and leveling plates are available upon request!

Levelers can be made custom to your project needs.

Custom Levelers:

Threaded Rod is available in any sizes; 3/4″ and up, min. 8″ long – max. 16″ long. Standard Threaded Rod is 10″

Concrete blocks tend to break and chip, but our Leveling Jacks will provide the proper support to keep your load stable.


Jackstand :