Installation Instructions


  1. Place the drive rod inside the anchor barrel
  2. Drive the anchor in on an angle and to the depth required by a hammer or
    hand tool (pre drilled holes are acceptable)
  3. After the anchor is placed, remove the drive rod and plug the hole with dirt firmly
    using the drive rod
  4. Pull the anchor cable taut by a lever or jack
  5. By placing load on the cable, the anchor will plane or plow share to a
    load lock position
  6. Normal travel to load lock position is the length of the anchor body

Facts about windstorms:

Severe windstorms can be catastrophic for portable buildings, as they are not anchored by conventional foundations. Because of their shape, they have a tendency to roll or be pushed off their supports by wind pressure.

Our approved Frame tie-down systems are the most effective, and reasonable protection you can buy. The installation of tie-downs is quick and easy, and they will leave your home safe and secure.