B & R Stamping Anchor Systems

Since wind forces vary across Canada, it is not possible to devise a universal system.
Be sure to examine your soil conditions so the type of anchor chosen is the one that best suits your needs.

Soil Class & Description

Class 1- Solid bedrock
Class 2- Dense clay; compact gravel; dense fine sand; laminated rock; slate; schist; sandstone
Class 3- Shale; broken bedrock; hardpan; compact clay and gravel mixtures
Class 4- Gravel; compact gravel and sand; claypan
Class 5- Medium to firm clay: loose sand and gravel; compact coarse sand
Class 6- Soft clay; loose coarse sand; clay silt; compact fine sand
Class 7- Fill; loose fine sand; wet clays; silt
Class 8- Swamp; marsh; saturated silt; humus
Class 9- Concrete pad

Frost can lift or move a mobile home, so ratchets may need an adjustment to loosen in Winter and re-tighten in the Spring. Have at least 3 full turns of strap around ratchet bolt.
B & R Stamping's Frame Tie-Downs are designed to protect your portable building from moving sideways on columns. All of our anchors are manufactured to U.S. standards
(there are no Canadian standards currently in place).

At B & R Stamping we make state-of-the-art Earth Anchor Systems in Canada. We specialize in Metal Stamping and Metal Fabrication, as well as Custom Welding is also available in Oakville, Ontario, and surrounding areas.
Here at B & R Stamping, we make a variety of Anchors, Leveling Jacks, and Mobile Trailer Stairs and Platforms. Boat Storage Stands are also available. Read More

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